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9: Further North

Lucinda to Cairns

sunny 26 °C
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Peg and Charlie jammed themselves, three boys and their packs into Charlie's Prius for the trip back to Townsville to catch their respective planes home.
John and I packed ourselves into the Subaru and drove up to Cairns. We went back past Cardwell, and took a detour via Mission Beach past many Cassowary warning signs but alas no actual Cassowaries. We had pie and pastie for lunch at Babinda. Geoff (my 2nd cousin) had recommended Rydges in Cairns, but instead we took the recommendation of the pie shop lady to stay at the Holiday Inn. Possibly we took the wrong advice as, among other things, the direction sign when we got out of the lift gave ranges of room numbers which did not include our room on the same floor and even the girl from reception was flummoxed.
We caught up with my second cousins Helen and Geoff over an Italian dinner at Little Ricardos a few blocks from the hotel. Sadly we missed out on seeing my Dad's cousin Sheila who died just a few weeks ago.

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8: Tyto wetlands and Return of the hikers

Cardwell to Lucinda

sunny 24 °C
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Moved out of my Cardwell home by 10am and drove down to Ingham. After a "veggie stack" lunch at a restaurant in town, I spent 3 hours at the Tyto wetlands in Ingham. Only 3 other people there, all British birdos. I saw Red-backed fairy wrens, Crimson finches, Spangled Drongoes, Forest Kingfishers everywhere, and both Cotton and Green Pygmy geese. Great! Got to our motel right by the boat ramp at the end of Dungeness Rd., Lucinda by about 3pm. Good view over the estuary from no. 35, so enjoyed it while writing up most of this blog. Had dinner at the only restaurant nearby which was fine.
The Hikers arrived back at about 11.15 on Wednesday 9th, having had a great time and keen to get into the shower. Peg and Charlie drove up for the night, and after a sunset visit to the extremely long wharf at Lucinda, we all had dinner at the pub where we discussed, among other things, how different the walk had been in soggy, boggy conditions when John and I did it a few years ago.

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7: Hinchinbrook walk/peaceful Carwell time


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90_Stone_brid..rymple_pass.jpgThe boys caught the boat to the island to start the Thorsborne trail at 8.00 on Friday the 4th after a few spots of morning rain. The little boat came to shore right outside our motel. Peg and waved them off, then went off for a cappucino. After Peg left for home, I emptied out the Villa and moved over to my upstairs motel room for a few days. The view out over Hinchinbrook, visible from most of my room as well as the balcony, was so lovely that I set up my Surface Pro on a table from where I enjoyed it while getting lots of indexing and spreadsheet work that I didn't have time to do before leaving. Quite a load off my mind. In between I made tomato sandwiches and microwaved frozen meals in my room. One evening I hiked down the new beach footpath as far as Port Hinchinbrook enjoying the warm evening. One early morning I drove to the start of the Dalrymple Pass Track and hiked up to the pass where I saw this bridge, supposed to be the oldest surviving bridge in Queensland. I was excited to see a Noisy Pitta, Brown Cockoo -dove and Rufous Fantail, though I heard a lot more birds than I could identify!
Watching the progress of the hike on John's hotspot was fun, except when John evidently forgot to turn it on for a couple of hours one day and I wondered what had happened. They certainly made better progress than when John and I did the hike about 4 years ago when everything was wet and boggy.

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6: Ready for the Thorsborne Track

Alva beach to Cardwell

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Our first stop today was the Townsville Marina where we met up with Peg for brunch. Unfortunately she's still recovering from a virus and can't go on the Hinchinbrook walk after all. We all climbed aboard "Starlight" for a while, then walked up the foreshore along the Strand in the lovely Townsville warmth to a restaurant on the waterfront.
We resumed our northwards journey, stopping for ice creams at the "Frosty Mango" as you do. Over the Cardwell Range, we arrived at the Cardwell Beachcomber Motel and moved into our 3 bedroom "Villa Unit", J. and I upstairs in the spacious loft. We found dinner in town at the restaurant under the giant crab, which made giant vegetarian foccacias as well as fish'n'chips.
The next morning Peg arrived having picked up Daniel at Townsville Airport on the way, and most of the day was spent shopping and organising packs with food etc. for the Thorsborne Trail walk the boys are starting on tomorrow. Tonight we walked over to dinner at the Indian Aussie restaurant where we tried to solve a rope and bead puzzle Peg had brought along whole waiting for the meal. We thought the boys should take it on the hike to solve.

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4: A very long drive

Brisbane to Rockhampton

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A 650k drive today, and the car was so loaded with packs and other essential hiking equipment that we had only side mirrors for rear vision and the two boys were so crammed about with luggage in the back seat that they could hardly move. We were slowed down several times by roadworks on the Bruce Hwy which is becoming just another boring motorway carved through the landscape. We stopped for breakfast as well as for lunch at roadside malls which seem the same everywhere, so scenically the day was forgettable.
Finally we arrived after dark at our "Holiday village" on the south side of Rockhampton where we all shared a 2 room "chalet" which did fine. We were very grateful to find the local Chinese restaurant open, welcoming and with satisfactory vegetarian options for the boys on a very quiet Monday night. We didn't see much of Rocky though, not even the local "big thing" - a cow isn't it?

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